Understanding Extremities

Understanding Extremities

The story behind EXTREMITIES.

In 1978, playwright William Mastrosimone met a battered and bruised woman who had recently been a victim of a savage sexual assault. As she revealed her terrifying story to him he realized how little he knew about the heartbreaking legacy of such an event, and how a person’s life is never the same again.

Even though the woman had identified her attacker there had been no witnesses, so after a lengthy court trial, the case was dismissed. So confident was he of his indemnity,his parting message to her was that he was going to come back and finish the job.

The woman tried to return to normal life but after months of living in fear of his return she quit her job, sold her house and moved to another state. Before leaving she revealed to Mastrosimone that her biggest regret was that she didn’t fight back when she had the chance and her desire to reclaim the opportunity to punish her attacker was ever present.

From that conversation the idea for Extremities was born and the writer embarked on months of research into the pathology of offenders, the torment of victims and a court system that lets dangerous criminals back into society to re-offend with impunity.

The result is a remarkable piece of theatre that is as physical as it is emotional. As fiction based on reality it makes a unique amalgam of narrative and documentary.

The story begins with an assault on a woman who is at home alone. By the time her housemates return,her attacker has become her captive and she struggles to convince them of the severity of the assault and how close she came to becoming a fatal statistic.

As the only witness to the attack the audience experiences the story from the perspective of victim, peer and assailant in a reversal that turns the small lounge room into a virtual courtroom. The performances of the four actors are exceptional and the theatrical experience is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Contains violence, adult themes & strong language.  Reccomended 18+






STAGE MANAGER: Patrice Horne

DIRECTOR: Gavin Critchley

Extremities will be performed at The Hub Erina Fair from the 13th to the 22nd of July 2018.

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